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 DAS This is Lincoln Stein's proposal for a Distributed Annotation System.  It is meant as a system to coordinate community annotations of genbank sequences.  It uses xml based on GFF to represent annotations, similar to GAME.
 GFF  A basic way of representing genomic annotations.  GAME and DAS both share features of GFF.
 XML Examples Some basic xml examples for biology.
 BioML A very flexible dtd for biosequence data released by proteomics.
 PharmTools A java package which contains a BlastXML dtd and some java parsers for that dtd.  Here's the  dtd ,a note directed at bioperl and an xsl stylesheet for the dtd.
 blastxml Here's another blastxml that the guys from SmithKline Beecham posted on the bioxml mailing list.  Yes, it has the same name as the Pharm Tools xml.  Namespaces, anyone?
 XOL Here's an xml from Peter Karp's group from Pangea Systems.  XML-Based Ontology Exchange Language is an xml for exchanging both database schema's and data.  It's based on relatively generic tags and could probably represent almost any data.
 Brad's Paper Here's my paper from the fall of '99 detailing my thoughts on working towards a biological xml standard.   You'll see it's quite similar to the ideas of the original bioxml designers who decided to base standards around a set of tags instead of full dtd's.
 Bio-XML Workshop Alan Robinson's workshop on biology and xml.  -> Lots of Word and Powerpoint files.
 MicroArray dtd The MGED MicroArray XML unofficial homepage.

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