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A WikiWeb is a collaborative web site that can be edited by anyone. Wikis are great for building up a wealth of information about a subject by pooling the substantial resources in the community. A Wiki can be used to help generate new ideas or document existing ones.


Most people will start off by browsing this web first before going ahead and making changes to it. This is always a good idea because it lets you absorb the "spirit" of the web so that your future contributions will fit neatly into the whole. Here are some browsing tips:

  • Make use of the navigation area at the bottom of each page for getting around.
  • Familarize yourself with the WikiStructure?.
  • Be aware that you can find WikiReferences to a particular page by clicking on the page title and that you can perform a WikiSearch of the entire site to find pages that contain specific text.
  • You might like to check out the tips for WikiWebBrowsing.


Just because anyone can edit a page doesn't mean to say that anyone should edit a page. First of all you should review the following points:

  • Read about the WikiStructure? that's gone before.
  • Skim through the list of existing categories so you can see where new pages might fit.
  • New pages are alway created as a link from an existing page. Indeed, it is very easy to add new potential links, simply by typing something in WikiName format. The point is to type something as a potential link even if you don't want to (or can't) fill in the destination page yourself. Hopefully, someone else will come along and complete the picture for you.
  • Make sure you know how to make changes that conform to GoodStyle.
  • Of course, before you engage brain and put hands to keyboard, you'll need to know a bit about the WikiTextFormattingRules?.
  • Pages can only be deleted using the Delete this page link if there are no other pages that reference them. First go through and edit all the references to remove them and then try to delete the page.

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