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  DTDs at Bioxml

Current dtds:

game2.ent - This is where the basic elements and entities are defined.  For more info, see the WikiDocs.      

seq.dtd  - The basic sequence dtd.  - This This  is very simple and represents either a sequence or a link to a a sequence  file in a database.

computational_analysis.dtd- A feature-wrapper which  allows the representation of analysis which give results in the form of  sequence features, like alignment programs and genomic analysis programs.

annotation.dtd - A feature-wrapper for human expert-specified sequence features.  This uses an evidence tag to refer to computations and database cross-references (using the link dtd).

game.dtd   - A wrapper dtd which incorporates sequences, computations and annotations.

Here is a Genbank dtd submitted by Michael Driscoll and a perl script for parsing genbank flat files.

Also check out our  stylesheets  and  parsers.


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